Ceramics Monthly

Some dude showed up at the studio the other day with a milk crate full of pottery books and magazines, including a bunch of back issues of Ceramics Monthly. Y’know, the *good* back issues, from when they still published glaze recipes.[1]

After the last bout of intense production (especially the last few weeks), these seem like treasures. I want to make something new and stupidly fancy and intricate. Something I have never done before and never will again, over which I can lavish all the time and attention I want. And here, just at the right time, I have a stack of magazines, which are basically just pages and pages of wonderfully inspiring pottery porn.

[1] *Shakes fist of fury at editors who got rid of recipes.*

1 thought on “Ceramics Monthly”

  1. Hi!

    Totally unrelated to blogpost (though ooo! pottery magazines), but I’d been meaning to pop into the clay studio to visit/make sure you heard this, and I’m leaving tomorrow. So:

    This song is both wonderful and makes me think of your mugs (for obvious reasons!).


    It’s the one called ‘Robots’

    Happy summer potting!

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