Come All Ye!

Anyone who remembers the first Come All Ye show[1], by Cara Kansala, Pam Dorey, and Caroline Clarke is in for a treat this weekend: their new show, “Come All Ye: Second Verse”, is opening at the Craft Council Gallery this Saturday. It is amazing. (And, if the crowd reaction is anything like it was last time, will be sold out by the end of its first week. Come with your wallets ready and your elbows sharpened if you’re planning on taking a piece home.)

And next door in the annex gallery, the lovely and talented Roz Ford will have her first solo show! It’s not all hung up yet, so I can’t blab too much, but it’s looking wonderful. Roz is a biologist in her non-artsy time, and this show is inspired by her work with birds. The room is filling up with puffins, kittiwakes, and murres, and by the time Saturday rolls around, going into the room will feel like visiting a seabird colony.

And if you’re not in town, you can also catch Roz’s work at the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts, where she has *another* show opening soon. There’ll even be an artist talk Sept. 1st, at 7:00.

[1] And everyone else, too.

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