Just Because

Thrown and carved cream stoneware, with cranberry glaze poured inside. Dipped upside down in a good layer of clear, then dipped again for a quick, thin layer of white. The white has a feathery, runny look I really like when I layer it like that, and it pooled marvelously in the ridges, highlighting the carving.

I have plans for a large, porcelain bowl on similar lines, with a different colour inside and more elaborate carving. Due to the size, I’ll probably have to spray the glazes instead of dipping them, which could be tricky… I don’t have much experience with spraying glazes (mostly because my only spraying equipment is a dinky little mouth-blown doohickey, and I get dizzy using it). I’ve got a small-scale bowl bisqued already, which I’ll be using as a glaze test. If it works out well, onwards and bigwards.

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