Test result

I… actually was aiming for a turquoisey shade of blue-green. Will (reluctantly… I love this shade of green) switch to a blue for the big bowl; that would fit in better with the sky/wave vibe the curved bits give off.

The white feathery bits are only visible if you look very closely, so a thicker layer of white would be a good thing for the big bowl. If I end up layering the clear and white glazes often, I may even end up switching back to cream clay so the contrast is more visible[1].

There are two spots where the glaze pulled away from the clay, and even a little crazing; I blame it on the very thick layer of clear. Must go thinner next time.

[1] Or black or red clay! Ooooh, throw lines and carving and stamps and highlights… I could play around a lot with this…

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