Plaster Master

This weekend, the studio offered a workshop with Neil Forrest, a professor at NSCAD who does these enormous, suspended ceramic installations.

I missed the theoretical stuff on Saturday, as I couldn’t squirrel out of my shift at the day job, but I got to come in for the hands-on bit on Sunday. There was some trouble with the plaster–we had one bag or pottery plaster, but it was old and uncooperative, and we had another bag of builder’s plaster, but it had retardants and was pretty soft and crumbly–but I’ve got a good grasp of How To Make Molds now. I’d done a little reading here and there, but it was nice to sit down and do something hands-on, and Neil passed on a few tips I hadn’t come across before.

After the workshop, Rochelle (studio coordinatrix extraordinaire) invited everyone out to her house in Kelligrews for a barbecue, which was all kinds of tasty fun.

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