There is a point where the space you’re in gets too small.

With the sheer volume of pre-Christmas stuff flowing onto the studio shelves, the co-ordinator’s semi-weekly hints of “You know, we have room for another renter in the front studio” became, “I don’t have room for all of this. There is room in the front studio.” and I moved out of my cupboard…

And into this room:

Spaaaace! Sunny, bright space!

It’s shared with two other people at the moment. Here’s my corner:

So much empty space!

My original plan was to rent it for a month or two, just during the Christmas production run, and then move back to the (cheaper) cupboard. But I’m luxuriating in the space available. (And the fact the door locks, and I will not come into the studio to find tentacles or broken teapot handles or cracked bowls on the shelf. I’m glad my stuff is interesting enough that people want to handle it, and even if they’re only shifting their own projects around it’s easy to bump into someone else’s, and shit just happens sometimes, but still. It gets annoying.)

I also have enough room now for more than two glaze buckets. This is exciting.

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