I was given a booth yesterday!

In the last CCNL newsletter, there was a notice that Janet Davis wanted to sell her booth display. I thought, wow, only I had the money…

On Sunday I got the chance to go by the craft fair[1]. Ann Breen, who does mostly Christmas ornaments but also textiley things, was going to lend me a table for my display, and I wanted to measure it to see how my existing display stuff would work with it. I walked past Janet’s booth on the way, said hello. “You want a booth?” Yes. “I’m ready to give it away at this point.” She showed me how it fit together, how you don’t need to do any hammering or screwdriving to get it together, where the lights are, how the sign is attched. I expressed appreciation, for lo it is a great design. Thought she was joking about the giving part; said I’d mull it over. Moved on, measured Ann’s table, dropped by a bunch of other people’s booths to say hello and have a chat. Thought “You know, even if you can’t afford it, it’s still a nice booth. You should at least ask.”

Went back to Janet, asked “But seriously though, how much would you want for it?” “I seriously would give it to you for free.”

So I have a booth! An actual booth! A week ago I was thinking “And this year maybe I can afford a sign”, but now I have a whole booth! With a sign![2] And it’s solid wood, so I can nail shelves to it and paint it and it is sturdy as all get out.

After five, I went back to the fair. I figured the least I could do, all things considered, was help them take it down and move it into the space I’ll be in. And I didn’t even have to help with that, really; suddenly four people appeared to help me move and assemble it. I even got an offer of more helping hands and the use of Roz‘s dad’s pickup truck for take-down time.

I am feeling absolutely blown over by the help and kindness I’ve been offered. People can be so very awesome sometimes.

[1] Astute readers may have picked up that it’s at the Arts and Culture Centre this month, split over two weekends. I’m in the second half. Set-up is in a matter of days. Aieee.

[2] I even know what design I’m going to paint on it, and what colours it’ll be.

3 thoughts on “Kindness”

  1. Let me know if you need to borrow any lights. Between Mom and I, we have a small pile of various sorts that you’re welcome to borrow. Neither of us is in the second half of the fair.

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I already have a few lights, and the sign has a few screwed onto the back, so I should be okay, but I appreciate the offer.

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