Craft Fair: The End

I finished my socks! And I grafted the toe on the last one (under Christine’s supervision) without any mistakes this time.

As to the fair itself… I sold out of Robot mugs entirely. I sold several Robot tumblers[1], and a few of everything else. I got a bunch of commissions (most of which are thrown and drying), and a shiny new wholesale client. I am rich beyond my pessimistic dreams, and even some of my realistic dreams. I traded for two new pairs of earrings, didn’t lose all my profits to the chocolate booth, and was still capable of standing and talking coherently the day after. All in all, it was a great fair.

[1] A “tumbler” is what we in the pottery business like to call it to make it sound impressive. A more accurate name would be “mug whose handle cracked off in drying.”

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