This is Eliu. He is ten weeks old.

You can blame post-fair orders and a new kitten for the recent lack of online presence.

Moussa, the big cat, is ecstatic to have someone to play with again. When we brought the kitten home, we put him in the bathroom, because The Experts say you have to keep new cats separate from entrenched ones until the parties have reached some sort of trans-door entente cordiale, at which point territorial negotiations can begin in earnest. Typically this is supposed to take a few days, or even weeks for particularly recalcitrant cases. Moussa, who clearly has never spoken to An Expert, spent an hour or two on the other side of the bathroom door, chirping friendlily. When this failed to bring about first contact, he ran off, got a toy, and stuffed it under the door.

At that point we decided keeping them separate was a little silly. We opened the door. The kitten was taken aback by Moussa’s sheer enthusiasm and guargantuanness, which I think hurt Moussa’s feelings, but they came to an understanding pretty quickly. By Day Two, Eliu was allowing Moussa to groom him, and by Day Three he was cuddling up to him at naptime. We’re on Day Five now, and Eliu hasn’t hissed once, even when Moussa ambushed him from behind the couch.

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