Newton Gimmick

Still not posting much. Still blaming it on cats. Specifically, this one:

I was walking home from Sobeys the other night, and came across this fellow. I called him over to say hello, and noticed he was walking funny. When he got closer, saw he was hobbling along with his front left paw bent in and a giant red patch on his wrist. In the dark, I thought he was missing a big chunk of skin and muscle.

Picked him up, marched up the street, and stuffed him in a carrier. Had husband call emergency vet while I went back to retrieve the groceries. Took him in to the emergency vet, on presumption he needed emergency treatment. Vet said no, it’s an old injury, and the skin is more or less intact; he’s been just walking like this so long he’s worn a bald patch through the fur, and it’s red because it’s infected. Was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and told to come back the next day for x-rays of presumed broken bones.

Next day, got x-rays. Nothing’s broken. Yay! Possible causes of leg weirdness: deformity (unlikely), nerve damage, or swelling in joint (aggravated by cat walking on joint). Cat to stay on meds, get kitty physio a few times a day. If we’re lucky, he’ll be able to walk more or less normally eventually. If not, worst that will happen is he’ll keep hobbling, and a callous will form on the new pressure point.

Cat has also been adopted[1] by a friend, so I get to visit him. Which is great, because he’s an incredibly friendly and cuddly animal, and I’d like to keep in touch. His name may or may not be Newton Gimmick.

[1] Well, fostered. If we fail to find the original owners, he’ll be adopted.

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