Happy New Year!

Almost, anyways.

Was away in Bay Roberts visiting the mother-in-law for a few days. On morning of 28th, the day I was planning on going home, got phone call from cat-sitter, who had run into brother-in-law, asking if I was staying until Friday or what.

“Um. What?”
“Brother-in-law thinks you’re staying another few days.”

Turns out husband had given everyone different days, or had some series of brain farts, or something. HIS plan was to stay until the 30th.[1] He is lucky I occasionally need tech support, otherwise he would not still be husband.

Anywho. After spending considerably more of my holidays than I had planned with in-laws, got back in town today. Had lots of food. Had one more visit from in-laws, who were bringing us food from the restaurant they’d dropped in to on the way to the airport[2]. Wee baby kitten appears to have been replaced with a small cat of the same colour and temperament. A few ornaments have been broken (including my favourite dinornament, but I can make another), and a few dust bunnies under the couch have signed a petition demanding an end to all vacuuming, but home is otherwise in okay shape. Can’t find the feathery toy a friend got the cats for Christmas, but did find a great many feathers, so assume the cats at least kept themselves entertained…

Am now eating shortbread and fruit cake and pickles with fancy cheese, and trying to keepwee kitten small cat out of my cup of bailey’s and egg nog.

And looking forward to the two days of vacation I have left, and then the fresh new year afterwards.

[1] Which got extended to the 31st, because father-in-law heard there was uncertainty about date of return and invited us to stay longer, and I am moronically polite in times of crisis.

[2] If the zombie apocalypse breaks out anytime soon, we are set.

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