Gentle little ease back into the studio for me today. Threw a few mugs, threw a few plates. Later, some online ogling of tools and underglazes.

I got some linocutting knives for Christmas; between them and my sculpting tools I should be able to make stamps out of just about any material I’d care to try. Am looking forward to experimenting.

Also have a handful of glaze recipes to test out. I want a matte white that holds its colour reasonably well over the black stoneware[1] and a glossy (possibly even clear) base I can turn pink[2].

[1] The cephalopot recipe, minus the iron, might be my best bet.

[2] And green, and blue, and possibly yellow or purple. Yellow is unlikely to be achievable without resorting to stains, but I’d like to stick to oxides for the other colours. they’re cheaper, and I know what the heck’s in ’em.

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