March of Mugs

I’ve been doing double time at the clay this week. I’ve been in the usual studio, working on throwing Bugs and glazing Robots, and also hanging around at Alexis Templeton’s, making Robot mugs. It is an experiment in production methods. Some will stay with her, as payment for clay and kiln/shelf space, and the rest will go home with me[1].

She had an event planned for every month last year, and I guess it was a success, because she’s still at it now. Next month will be the March of Mugs. She’s asked for mugs from a bunch of different people, and is planning on showcasing them. And there will be plenty of Robots in the mix, which makes me happy.

[1] I am also experimenting in simplifying Robot application methods. Initial results positive so far. Will talk more later, when have seen if really worth the change.

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