Those test tiles I mentioned the other day came out of the kiln.

The pink base glaze without talc came out a pale green, except for wee teeny maybe-I’m-imagining-it hints of pink around the bottom edges. The version with talc is a variegated greenish-pinkish colour. Both are, indeed, clear. Also a bit runny, although the pinker one is, happliy enough, less runny than the green. I’ll try twiddling with the amount of chrome in it and see where that takes me.

The Powder Box Pink was much more succesfully pink. In fact, it looks like something Barbie threw up.

The one on the left is the original recipe, and the one on the right has 1% rutile added to it[1]. Turns out it’s glossy, opaque, and has some variation in the colour without being runny. It’s not the shade of pink I was looking for (too pale), but it’s very pleasant to hold… It might grow on me.

Aaaand the Surf was just plain disappointing.

Although the colour is nice and bright where thick, and it broke nicely over the edges, the texture’s very matte… nails-on-chalkboard matte. *shudder*. Definitely not my thing.

And now I’m sitting, twiddling my thumbs and planning workshop curriculums, waiting for a kiln o’ Robots to finish up so I can go to the Rooms for a show opening. It’s Jason Holley, Cal Lane, and John Goodyear; they all make gorgeous and crazily intricate stuff and I want to see it.

I’ll probbaly be late. :-/

[1] The rutile seems to have made it a little runnier and given it a few teeeeeny speckles, but otherwise left no impression.

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