Got a commission for a dinnerware set at the Craft Fair. Deadline? “No rush, silly billy!” Their daughter’s a jeweller; they know what being a busy artist is like.


But I really feel like I should rush to work on it. First, because the crazy that is summer production will hit me like a tonne of bricks as soon as I’m back from NCECA[1], and if last year is anything to go by it won’t end until Christmas. And secondly, because if I have no deadline I tend to do very little actual work. Telling me “No rush!” is like telling me “I’ll swing by to pick it up just before the aged swelling sun engulfs the planet! Toodles!” So I have set myself the goal of having everything thrown and bisqued by the end of March. By then I also hope to have my glaze work planned out, if not executed.

[1] I’m going to NCECA! My passport came today and everything! I’m still in giddy shock.

2 thoughts on “Dinnerware”

    1. Tampa! Where it was 29 degrees yesterday!

      Honestly, the warm weather and the promise of missing year-end paperwork were almost more of an incentive to sign up than the conference itself.

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