March of Mugs

The March of Mugs is happening this weekend! Alexis Templeton’s studio, 75 Quidi Vidi Road, 10 am to 5 pm.

Robot will be in attendance, as well as mugs by Brian Banfield, Megan Billings, Danielle Lee, Laura Sheppard, Shanie Stozek, Candy Gallant, and of course Alexis herself.

I’ve seen almost everyone’s stuff. And it is amazing.

2 thoughts on “March of Mugs”

  1. Hi!

    Are the mugs for sale? If so, which robot ones have made it to this event?
    It was great chatting the other day!

    1. They’re all for sale!

      If I recall correctly, Robot with dinosaur, with balloon, contemplates flight, attempts flight, plants flower, plants a tree, gives its heart away and wears its heart out will be there. Probably Robot throws pot, too.

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