Youth Book Project

So there’s this thing. It’s going to be a book. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it has a writer and a photographer and some very determined and good-at-getting-stuff-done people behind it, so it will happen. Phase One (interviews and photos) is almost done, even.

The book will focus on the craft industry and the experiences of young craftspeople in the province, including Jessica Butler, Elias Semigak, Cara Winsor-Hehir, Sara Hodder, Roz Ford, Mike Flaherty, Jaclyn Humphries, Pick-Me-Up Press, and me.

I had my interview a little while back, and my photoshoot was Saturday. Since me and Mike are the two clay people in the book, us and Mark and various hangers-on (and Jason, who’s pretty much organizing this whole thing) converged on the clay studio for an hour or two of Doing Stuff while Mark flitted about with a camera, occasionally climbing chairs and tables for the right angle. We got photos of us Doing Stuff, photos of us Holding Stuff, and photos of us just standing there looking portraity. There were also lots of close-ups of our Stuff. Then we dropped off some of our Finished Stuff at Mark’s studio so he could get really good pics of it, and had another session at Mike’s place, where Mark got pics of us all playing Mike’s Settlers of Grey Islands game. Which was a lot of fun, because it’s made of clay and feels great in the hand and also the porcelain polar bear Mike made is a way better robber than some boring ol’ tower thing. Polar bears are considerably more intimidating than robbers, and are a far more believable reason for absolutely nobody from any settlement ever venturing onto their occupied spots.

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