Winding Down

Haven’t blogged the last few days. Haven’t had the time! The talks were great, the demos were great, the exhibits were great, and I am already planning to go to next year’s conference.

It was non-stop ceramics until Sunday noonish, when the closing ceremonies[1] wrapped up. And then more ceramics, as we hadn’t seen all the shows and wanted to take them in while we could.

Yesterday me and Jason headed off to St. Petersburg to see or re-see another few spots. Along the way we picked up the pottery we’d bought from the Craftsman House show, ate at the Taco Bus, and lazed on the beach. There were more brightly-coloured little seashells than I can count, and an anonymous wading bird that we both wished Roz were around to identify, and a pod of dolphins, and a feeding pelican. The pelican glided over the water, dipping down two or three times to snatch up some poor fish in its big clackety beak. Then it landed in the water to eat, and did a happy little butt wiggle.

And today was the last full day in Tampa. I went to the state aquarium and fed a blueberry to the otters. I also finally found out what a grouper fish is like[3], and apologized to the alligators for eating one of their buddies in a taco the other night. They blinked at me. I’m pretty sure that’s alligator for “No worries. We’d eat you too if we had the chance.”

[1] Presided over by Robin Hopper, and starting and ending with sing-alongs. The first was a filk of Sympathy for the Devil[2], and the second was Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. And the speech in between was pretty fun, too.

[2] “Please allow me to introduce myself; I’m a man of clay and glaze…”

[3] Bigger than me, that’s what a grouper fish is like. Sweet wiggling pelicans!

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