A Culinary Summary of Florida

Eggplant and parmesan pizza
Red curry with scallops
Tapas Tuesday, with crema catalana in a dark chocolate shell for dessert
Fried banananana and peanut butter and appricot jam sandwich
More pizza
Alligator taco from Mema’s Alaskan Taco Stand
Moussaka (the potatoes were sooo creamy… couldn’t tell where they stopped and the bechamel sauce began…)
Beef burrito, from the Taco Bus
More pizza
Roast duck with dried cherry and chianti sauce, with goat cheese mashed potatoes and broccoli and a salad the size of my head. (For only slightly more than I’d pay for a feed of A&W, no less.)
cardamom ice cream (also, coconut, passion fruit, and brown sugar. But the cardamom was the tastiest.)
frozen yoghurt with honey
Something gloriously tasty from the Columbia restaurant which I can’t quite currently recall. Possibly on account of the mojitos.

I need to get me into more conferences.

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