Adventures in Outer Space

Eliu went outside for the first time today. The first foray, myself and the husband were hovering anxiously nearby, and didn’t last very long. He sniffed around the side of the house a bit, poked around under the porch, and was startled by a puddle[1]. When he started wandering farther afield, we scooped him up and brought him indoors for a bit (where he vigorously protested the interruption of his explorations).

I went out for a few errands, came back, and decided to let him out again. This time I hovered by the window, and he stayed closer to the house. Moussa also watched, and when Eliu started darting further afield, he followed him. At one point, Eliu got out of view. I called him, and Mousa herded him back to our yard. Then I went out, and we spent about half an hour playing together in the yard. Eliu chased some leaves, and stalked some rocks, and ran away from a plane[2].

I’m nervous of letting him outside at all, to be honest. But. Off he’ll go.

[1] He’s fine with puddles in the bathtub, so I don’t think it’s the wet that bothered him. Probably more the temperature.

[2] He’s been making hunting chatter when planes fly by overhead, which is pretty often considering we’re on the approach route to the airport. I guess seeing (and hearing) the things go by without a house around him for cover is a wee bit intimidating.

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