Lessons Learned at 4:00 am

1. Don’t do math when you’re so tired you’re shaking.
1.a) Whatever math mistake you think you’ve made, it will be a different one after a few hours’ sleep.

2. If the instructions on the bottle of resist say “wait a minimum of two hours before glazing”, you wait two hours, not two minutes.

3. If you went ahead and ignored the resist warnings, you can still fix things with a brush and a scraping tool. And that will be annoying, but will get you in bed by 5:00 am instead of 7:00 am.

Glazing and loading the last kiln load on Thursday night (and Friday morning) took a lot out of me. But I survived. And the pots survived. And the first wall pieces are done, and I’m even pleased with them!

Will be at Fresh Fish!5 all day Sunday, and am hoping other people are pleased with stuff as well. We shall see.

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