Fresh Fish was fun. Less attendance than last year, which I think had a lot to do with the downpour we got partway through the day, but sales were very similar to last year (for me, anyways… dunno about anyone else…), so that’s okay.

Lots of positive comments about the experimental mugs[1], and lots of people noticed the new turquoise/blue/purple glaze on the wall pieces[2]. And this afternoon I got an order for wall pieces, which is happy-making for me. I think I’ll mix up a few more batches of that glaze, with a bunch of different colourants, and just go mad slapping them on slabs. Since it’s not going on a food surface, I can even dabble with some of the more toxic things, and maybe get colours I wouldn’t otherwise. Fun times.

[1] Some turned out well, some didn’t. I put out the ones I liked, and will probably reglaze the others.

[2] I’ve been trying for two days now to upload pics, but the adobe plugin keeps crashing. Hm.

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