New goodies

Some new goodies came out of the kiln yesterday!

I got to experiment a little more with the wall tiles and a squeeze bottle of wax resist. Most of the tiles in this batch have a stripe of embroidery- or paisley-inspired business down the side. I enjoyed it, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I think I’ll do more.

I also like how the copper in the blue glaze fumed and left smoke trails on the smoke trails.

I also did up a test for the dinnerware commission. One of the bowls got bumped while wet, and was declared my glaze dummy.[1] I painted on a design with underglazes, put a clear glaze over it, wax resist on that, and then dipped the whole thing in cephaloglaze.

I think I need more brown and less neon orange on the leaves.

I’m… not sure what I think of it. Needs better drawing skills, for sure (this was just a quick sketch). And the colours could be adjusted a bit, especially on the leaves. And it needs a little something else in the background… even simple blue sky filler would be nicer than plain ol’ clay.

The berries turned out perfectly, though.

[1] Just as well… not only did it warp during firing, but it developed a crack in the rim to boot.

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