I’ve been looking for a house for a while. It’s been a not-too-serious venture until recently, but now I feel like I’ve got my basic research done, and I need to stop looking and start hunting, IYSWIM.

The provincial Craft Council’s AGM is this weekend. Ever since some trip to Labrador ages back, they start the weekend with studio tours. I’ve always been stuck in town minding the shop, but this year I got to go. And it was marvelous. We saw Nicola Hawkins’ church-cum-home and small pagoda sheds in Admiral’s Cove. We visited the Five Islands Art Gallery in Tors Cove (which started life as a two-room schoolhouse, and still has its chalkboards). And we saw Peter Sobol’s house, studios and famous garlic patch in Witless Bay.

And I know what I want in a house now. I do not want a big house I can fit everything into; I want a teeny little house on a big parcel of land, and small outbuildings for studio space. I want to separate my work and living areas, even if only by a few metres. I want something the size of a baby barn for the clay (or maybe two baby barns, for clay and selling space), and room for a garden (not near the kiln vent), and another wee shed for miscellaneous side projects. Paintings and fibre and glass. It will be my hobby studio; my break from my work studio.

I want a cozy, chaotic, stuffed-to-the-brim sort of space. I want recycled windows and movable shelving. I want a concrete floor, with a drain for easy cleaning. I want high shelves running around all the walls, for prototypes and oddments and other people’s art. I want a bucket of seashells and rocks. I want a big slabroller that can double as a table, or a big sturdy table with a small slab roller. I want a low, industrial sink. I want at least two kilns. I want high ceilings, and Gothic arches. I want a wall of corkboard, covered with sketches. I want to live and work inside a prism of stained glass. I want one big clear window from which there is nothing to see but ocean and gulls. I want to live inside a piece of art, and send more art from it out into the world.

That is my plan. That is what I will make happen.

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