Me and 2:30 AM are getting to know each other a little too well

I’ve spent the last few days glazing a jeezely big pile of stuff. Rowhouse mugs for the shop, Robot mugs for Molly White and Model Citizens, the half of the Viking order that I didn’t smash, a few oddments for my own amusement, and about a third of That Commission (the one that dogberry bowl a while back was a test for).

That last one took a while.

I’ve been investigating screenprinting underglazes for a while, and was hoping to transfer the designs that way, but I don’t have things quite nailed down yet and I dearly need the shelf space those pieces are taking up. So. They’re getting glazed the way I saw Deb Kuzyk of Lucky Rabbit do a tile, many moons ago. With some extra finagling with wax resist and the matte cephaloglaze.

1. Make stuff.
2. Draw on stuff with a pencil (it’ll burn off in firing, so you can scribble pretty much all you want and not worry about the arghnothat’sshite lines).
3. Paint underglazes in.
4. Do outline with squeeze bottle of black underglaze.
5. Sponge a few layers of clear glaze onto design areas. (Sponge! Don’t brush; that’ll smudge the underglazes.)
6. Paint wax resist on top of all that. Let dry.
7. Dip in matte cephaloglaze. Wipe bottoms, load kiln. Go away in the euphoric triumph of getting to go to bed before dawn.

So far I’ve got a whale, a squid, some kelp, and some birches done. Still to do: dogberries, fox, bear (?), chickadee, probably some mussels or other shelly things, a flock of seagulls, and.. well, I haven’t decided. We’ll see.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the birches turn out.

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