Father’s Day

Went over to Papa’s in the morning, cooked some crepes for breakfast.[1] My brother Alex provided some sort of rhubarb loaf thing and a pot of rhubarb sauce.

Then off to the studio for a few hours, then back home for puttering. Called my grandfather to wish him happy birthday, then supper and board games in the evening with Alex and Papa and our friend Nolan[2].

Nice, relaxed day, with some people I don’t see enough of.

[1] Charron family crepe recipe:
For each person who wants a meal, crack an egg and dump in mixing bowl. For each egg, add half and cup of flour an half a cup of milk. Whisk until whisked. In the background, use your third and fourth arms to lop some butter off the stick and into a large frying pan. Melt butter. When done whisking, pour butter into batter and whisk a little more. Fry up crepes in hot pan. Nom.

[2] Agricola is more complicated than Settlers of Cattan, and there’s a little more of a learning curve, but it’s fun. Try it out if you get the chance.

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