J’accuse: Frit 3134

Remember the Evil Clear glaze? The nasty, awful, no good clear that wasn’t clear, ran like crazy, and ruined an entire kiln load of pots? I re-threw everything. I bisqued it. I mixed up a shiny new batch of clear, double- and triple-checking the ingredients and the math.

And the same damn thing happened.

I suspect the tub of frit 3124 in the studio’s glaze kitchen is mis-labelled. Or rather, correctly labelled but containing the wrong frit.[1]

Alexis from up the road (who also suspects it’s a mixup with the frit) gave me some of her 3124 to test. There’s a test tile in the kiln now, and I should know by Thursday what’s up. On the off chance it’s not the frit, I can start fiddling with the EPK and the silica, but I strongly suspect it’s the frit.

[1] On the up side, at least now I know the fuck-up wasn’t me being inattentive about my ingredients.

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