Inspirations of the past week and a bit

Raku wall tiles with a copper glaze like the one Mike and Erin use, so that parts of the image turn green with time. So a tree’s leaves get greener. Or a cityscape around a bike gets greener. And so on.

A gallery show called Craft Dinner. Sort of a kitchen or meal-focused version of In Praise of Function.

Instead of making tiles from cream clay, and carving in lines and brushing on underglaze and wiping off excess, can just make tiles from black clay and brush white slip on top, then carve in design. Saves a step! Also, wouldn’t have to brush stain around edges for fake framing.

Knitting patterns turned into simplified line drawings=neato-cool borders.

Posie Row and the Tickle Trunk both have wooden block stamps (the type used for fabric printing where factories don’t do that). More sources of neato-cool borders!

A mini wood plane! OF COURSE!

Dandelions: highly meaningful and symbolic things, they are.

Robot disapproves of dropping the Oxford comma.

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