Alright. First glaze firing of the weekend has been unloaded. I now have some cephalopots and a whole bunch of tiles; nine I thought came out perfect, four didn’t but can be fixed, six I don’t like much but can see how someone else would, and four that didn’t work at all. So not bad.

Most importantly, my test tile came out beautiful! Everything that needed clear has been glazed, and loaded into the kiln, and I am now trying to burn off some of the IMADESTUFFANDITWORKED adrenaline by wibbling around the interwebs so I can actually get some sleep tonight. I also made a to-do list, as that helps sometimes, too.

Fire kiln. Trim and handle mugs currently sitting on shelf. Throw more stuff.

Monday: Unload kiln. Grind anything that needs it, pack up stuff and deliver or put in mail. Trim stuff thrown Sunday. Roll out some slabs.

Tuesday-Friday: Turn slabs into tiles. Throw like a crazy person to get ready for Folk Fest, tail end of summer sales. (Targets: 20-ish tiles, 40 Robot mugs, 6 Robot butter dishes, 4 Robot cream and sugar sets, 6 Robot cereal bowls, 6 Robot plates, 6 cephalopot cereal bowls, 6 cephalopot dessert bowls, 12 cephalopot mugs, 12 cephalopot pate dishes, 4 big cephalopot bowls, 4 medium cephalopot bowls, 36 rowhouse mugs[1])

Saturday-Sunday: Glaze more of that dinnerware commission. And throw some more stuff, if any room left on shelves by then.

Monday: Bisque?

[1] Okay, I’m pretty sure that will take longer than four days.

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