One Down

One pre-Folk Fest glaze firing down. One more to go. I wanted to put all my cephalopots in the big kiln, but it seems to be having some element issues right now. May just have to cull my firing load down to what can fit in the little kiln, and fire the rest after the festival. Argh. Those big serving bowls take up so much room, but I always sell a few. Will have to sacrifice a fair few mug spaces to fit even two in.

In entirely unrelated news, I just found out there’s a race in Baltimore this October called Run for Your Lives. It’s a 5K obstacle course, with zombies.

This delights me. I love silliness, and large-scale group silliness is some of the funnest. It also slightly terrifies me, but that’s because zombies always creep me out… Not so much from the “unrelenting, rotting undead” perspective[1], but because the concept of things-that-were-people-and-now-are-not has always scared me. Zombies, gas mask people, the Borg… they’re all terrifying. Not only due to the loss of individuality, but because they can convert other people. Gives me the screaming willies, as Draal would say.

But in this one case, I think playing a member of the horde would be really, really fun.

[1] Although that is itself really disturbing.

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