Spent a good chunk of yesterday at the Regatta. It was great! Got the traditional Hindu temple food, and some cotton candy, and Moo Moo’s ice cream. Hung out with cool people, had a bite of candy apple, and got to watch some kids being sproinged high up in the air at the rig Acro-Adix had set up. (Would have loved to try it out myself, but the line-up was longer than I wanted to wait in.)

Then home for Seafarers of Cattan and introducing said cool people to Doctor Who (starting with the new stuff in 2005). I haven’t watched that season myself in a while, so it’s been fun going over it again (especially “Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!”). Usually when I go over old episodes I just pick and choose two or three favourites; I haven’t seen the whole thing as one unified block in ages.

And then loading the last kiln pre-Folk Fest. I had to go for the small one after all, so my supply of cephalopots will be less than what I was hoping for, but probably still adequate. That’s really not a bad thing.

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