It’s a Miracle!

Confirmation went out this evening that vendors CAN set up at Mile One! Woohoo! What a day for ups and downs. First we get notification about the park being shut down, and told we have to get our booths dismantled and removed as soon as possible. Then the Folk Fest main stage acts for the night were going ahead at the stadium, but there was no way to get the vendors in as well.

Myself and the lovely Jason Holley and Roz Ford, crafty privateers extraordinaires, got together to mope. Then started planning a craft fair, an extra craft fair entry, and a pop-up shop for the next few months to make up for lost sales (and, let’s face it, to feel less mopey). And right when the plans had been drawn up and a list of fine details to get had been figured out, we got a call from Kelly[1] to let us know vendors will be able to set up after all.

No idea where in the building we’ll be yet–will find that out tomorrow–but we will definitely be there. Spread the word as far and wide as you can!

[1] Craft Tent Organizer and general people-wrangler, who is magical and wonderful and so very good at what she does.

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