Because Dream is kinda mopey

I am going to a costume party today. It is the first time I have done such a thing in a long, long while. At first I was going to go as Arthur Dent, as all you need for that is a bathrobe, a towel, and maybe an empty teacup, but that seemed like a bit of a half-hearted plan. So instead I’m going as Death, from the Sandman comics.

Peachy keen!

This may also look like a simple costume–black clothes, plain hat, some eyeliner–but it actually involved delving into a dozen stores for all the odds and ends, a Facebook appeal for the top hat, and adventures with makeup. I Do Not Do Makeup. I have the excuse of sensitive skin, but really, even if I wasn’t allergic to most every cosmetic product on the planet, I would still Not Wear Makeup.

It means that a good chunk of my evening was spent applying eyeliner, wondering why I looked like a raccoon, trying to remove the eyeliner[1], googling “how to apply eyeliner”, and then wondering if I need mascara or eyeshadow or something, then making a quick run across the street for mascara, then discovering that Sobeys does not in fact carry mascara, then deciding against the stuff anyways because, really, less is more. Especially as I have now googled “how to apply mascara” and gotten sort of weirded out by the whole concept.

So. No mascara. But I have my ankh and my top hat and some black nails, and I am going forth to party.

[1] Unsuccesfully. Luckily, the smudging seems to have given me a smokey look, and reduced the raccoonishness.

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