So. Haven’t been hanging around here much. Sorry about that.

I am in the early stages of separating form my husband. Life has been a big emotional clobbery thing on that front. I’ve also been busy trying to figure out what my life will look like. (Not actually all that different in many respects, and dramatically changed in a few very specific ones.)

There was also a week crashing with friends, because I needed it. Good food and board games galore and a change of scenery. I got to go swimming in a pond, and dipped my legs in the ocean, and got to play with Real Live Jewellery Tools. And I went to the Anna Templeton Centre’s annual craft retreat, which was amazingly fun. I got to try spinning (wheel and drop spindle), bookmaking, and playing with fabric and bleach.

And then I came home and my life is still here, and so is most of his stuff. It was pointed out to me that it’s like living with a sculpture of my divorce, and that is a very true thing. I’ll be glad and devastated when it’s gone.

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