I went berry-picking with my dad this weekend, up in Pouch Cove. Up the gravel road at the end of Meetinghouse Road, and off into the woods. Found some big, plentiful patches; most of the blueberries this year have been small and shrivelly (especially as I didn’t get to them until sort of late in the season). Will be going back again at least once, and possibly another time for partridgeberries.

There were some people out walking their horses. It was their first time encountering blueberries[1], and they were in their glee. One in particular was taking big enthusiastic chomps out of the bushes along the path, and occasionally veering off hopefully towards berry-pickers and their buckets.

[1] The horses’ first time, not the people’s. The people were well-acquainted with berries, and presumably a wide variety of fruit in general.

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