I’ve been reading up on enameled jewelry lately. It looks like fun. A lot like glazing, but on a shinier surface, and small and light so you can carry it with you all day.You can make clay pendants that are carryable/wearable too, of course. For considerably cheaper, too. But I’ve always wanted to try metalwork.

If I had the time and equipment…

4 thoughts on “Enamel”

  1. As someone who likes to play with metal, fire and glass, Yes! Give it a go!! It really doesn’t require much gear to start with…a bit of copper, a kitchen butane torch and some ground glass enamels and you’re away and laughing…or try Ceramit, technically resin, but they have a great starter kit that gives a great way to start playing with colour on metal (I have dreams on one day getting a kiln, but the blow torch in the big can will do for the moment ;)

    1. Oooh, I’ve never heard of Ceramit before. Sounds like fun.

      I also know some people with copper, enamels, and “some sort of rocket thingy that should work”. I don’t know when next I’ll be out their way–they live about a four-hour drive from me–but they did give me an invite to play with their toys. :-)

      Right now I’m picturing some big complicated project, involving punching and piercing and dapping and enamel and soldering, but maybe I should think up a simpler design first…

    1. Holy crap! AWESOME!

      I’ll ask. Do you need any kind of fancy electrical hookup for the kiln, or just a regular ol’ plug?

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