Christmas Dinosaurs!

Dinornaments coming soon to Model Citizens and the Anna Templeton Centre’s Tea and Sale. Available beasties will be brontosaurus, triceratops[1], and raptor (or possibly it’s a deinonychus… it’s hard to tell with that cookie cutter). I’m also making some hearts, because I’m a sap and I figure lots of other people are, too.

Still undecided about how (or if) to glaze them. Last year I made a bunch as presents; I just slapped some pink underglaze on the unstamped sides of the hearts, and painted little hearts on the dinosaurs. I may do that again, but in red, since I have it kicking around. And maybe some of the dinos can be all red or green… we’ll see.

[1] May not have existed! First they demote Pluto from planethood, then they tell me my favourite dinosaur might just be a juvenile version of something else. I don’t know what the world is coming to…

2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinosaurs!”

    1. Dammit. I thought that was brachiosaurus.

      And they’re the two shapes that are easiest to get out of the cookie cutter, too! :-(

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