Hello, world!

I’ve more or less recovered from the craft fair. (Okay. Sort of less. But tomorrow I have a day off, or at least a morning-off-before-I-make-anything-else, so I should be bright and chipper and rested by noonish.) It was a great few days, exhausting as they were. I had a fabulous time, got to see some faces that only pop into town once a year, and came home with loot bought or traded for from King’s Point Pottery, Mauzy Metalworks, Spindrift, Urve Manuel, Erin McArthur, and the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. I also got a pair of earrings in a slightly-post-fair trade with the wonderful Roz Ford.

In completely unrelated news, I got a lovely letter in the mail yesterday telling me the grant I asked the NLAC for (for the teacup show) has been granted. They’re offering half of what I asked for, but I wasn’t really expecting anything at all, so that half is a wonderful, happy-making sum. It’ll cover my winter clay supply, and the cost of shipping it here, so that’s just fine and dandy.

[1] I’ve been meaning to try one out for aaaages.

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