The long haul of summer-and-Christmas production is winding down now. I will have one–maaaaaybe two–firing cycles between now and the new year. There will be a pile of Robot mugs coming out soon, and after that, I will give in to burnout. I have been feeling tired lately–not just because of the faster pace the busy season brings, and not just because of the very specific variety of exhaustion that craft fairs bring. I have been feeling emotionally drained… I spent four and a half years as a caregiver for a sick husband. I left him in August. There is guilt, and sadness, and more mountains of guilt attached to that decision. Dealing with that, on top of a full-time job and an expanding business, is difficult.

So. There will be one more whirlwind batch of Robot mugs, and after that, I will take my time making things. They will be one of a kind or small series. Many of them will be book-related, because I have been getting insanely impatient to get rolling with the teacup project, and because it’ll give me an excuse to read a big ol’ pile of books.

I will take the next few months and make things Because I Want To. Unless someone asks me reeeeally nicely, the production lines will be dormant between now and Fresh Fish.

I can’t wait for this holiday to start…

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