Squid! Squee!!!

The Anna Templeton Centre Tea and Sale started today. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I’m not in it, but a lot of my favourite people are. I popped in today for a bit, and was delighted to come across Graham Blair’s booth. I’d seen his giant squid[1] woodcut used on the promo materials for the Storyteller’s festival this year, and fallen in love with it. I have coveted this squid for months. Months! I gazed longingly upon the posters and the wee folding brochures, and I sighed, for I knew I would never get around to purchasing a squid of my own.

And yesterday someone bought a bunch of cephalopot mugs. And I had not yet been to the bank. And more than enough money was right there in my pocket.

And now I have me a squid!

[1] I have a particular fondness for squid. Cephalopods in general, really. The show up in the pots, they show up on the tiles…
[2] I also picked up a wee blue catnip mousie for Eliu and Moussa.[3]
[3] Well, realistically, it will belong to Moussa. He tends to hog all new catnip toys for their first few days in the apartment. But Eliu will be allowed to play with it eventually.

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