Papa and I went out yesterday after lunch in search of a tree. There’s friend of the family who lives in Outer Cove, and has a ginormous piece of mostly-tree-covered property. Every year, half the people in my parents’ circle of friends go out there to fetch a tree. Pop your head in through her door to say hello, then it’s up the trail past the apple tree, until you hit the cable[1]. Then straight uphill , through the boggy bit, and uphill again until you find The Perfect Tree. Then kill the poor thing and drag and/or drop it down the hill.

This year’s sacrifice is currently in a stand, in my living room. The cats are curious, but haven’t destroyed it (yet). I’ll get it anchored to the wall a little more sturdily before I start putting breakables on it.

[1] That’s right. So much wood has been brought down off that hill that there’s a tree zip line. Unfortunately, Hurricane Igor brought a few big ones down on top of it, so it’s not usable right now.

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