Happy New Year!

So. The little Sputnik kiln didn’t heat up (or rather, didn’t heat up high enough, or quickly enough), so we assayed enamelling via torch instead. Pointing the flame down onto the enamel made the colour go quite grey/black (introcuding carbon into the enamel, maybe?), but heating from underneath worked fine and dandy. So now I have two appollonian gasket pendants, a small green and copper-leftovers pendant, and two earrings which, although both enamelled with something called “copper green”, turned out red and turquoisey blue, respectively. Very interesting. The exposed copper parts still need to be polished and waxed, but otherwise, my jewellery experiments for this trip are probably over. It was fun.

And last night there was a party at Denzil and Anna’s place. Some old friends, and lots of newer ones. Happy dogs[1], oddly fun party games, and good food.

It’s been a great holiday.

[1] Well, until the fireworks went off, anyways. But they got happy quickly enough afterwards.

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