Today I had a little rummage through my dresser o’ miscellaneous art/craft supplies, and dug out some jump rings so I could string up the pendants I made during the holidays. That one’s my favourite. Technically, the design isn’t really an apollonian gasket[1]; it’s more just sort of inspired by them. Partly that’s due to my own eccentricities, and partly to the fact that all the circles were punched out with a big metal hole-punchey thing, and the dies for the hole-punchey thing do not come in infinite sizes.

Two copper circles, one domed and enamelled; the other poked through with holes. I was originally planning on doming and soldering the holey circle to the solid one, so I’d get a lentil sort of shape, and then soldering on some sort of tube to run the cord through. Faced with actually *doing* all that, I decided it would be simpler, eleganter, and considerably less technically challenging to leave it flat and have both circles swinging freely from a jump ring or two.

[1] For more about what makes apollonian gaskets cool, check out this video about infinite elephants.

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