Just past 15% of the gallery teacups are thrown! Woohoo![1]

Cup number 50 is for “Edgar Allan Poe: Collected Stories and Poems Illustrated”, a satisfyingly hefty and pretty volume which I have shamefully neglected to actually read ever since receiving it from my brother one Christmas.

I’m not sure quite what I want to do with this cup, yet, so I’m keeping it under plastic until I’m sure my plans don’t include anything best done whilst green. Maybe I should sit down sometime this weekend and get to know the book from whence it sprang.

[1] Only another 390 or so to go.[2]

[2] Plus saucers, trays, etc. Oh, and there’s the trimming. Musn’t forget the trimming.[3]

[3] And the carving, stamping, underglazing, attaching of handles, and/or sgraffitoing, as appropriate. Oh yes, and I also have to fire and glaze and fire everything.[4]

[4] I want to lie down now.

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