The curvy jobby on the left there is cup number 100, “Two Lives of Charlemagne”[1]. The one on the right is the one I spent a good two hours carving yesterday evening, “Guards! Guards!”. A dragon features heavily, as you may or may not have guessed. I still want to go over the edges of the scales, and emphasize them a little more (some undercuts, maybe? It would certainly make them look spikier…), so they actually look like scales and not an odd checkered pattern, but I wanted to post the picture of it as it is now, because I’m really proud of that cup and was getting impatient to share it.

[1] Meaning, two historical accounts of the life of Charlemagne that happen to be bound together into one volume. Not actually about Charlemagne’s mainstream public life and scandalous behind-the-scenes shenanigans. I was disappointed.

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