Birthday Week!

So. Today was my thirtieth birthday. Celebrations started last Thursday, when I ran away from town and studio to visit some friends. There was snowshoeing, and Firefly, and board games. I got to play around with onion dyes[1], and a sewing machine. I tried my hand at reverse applique, and learned how to couch a thread. I needle-felted a sheep and–what else?–a few trial robots.[2] I also got to have birthday noodles and cheesecake, a few days early.

I fell behind on teacups, but am feeling so very refreshed and happy from the trip that I am finding it difficult to consider that a downside. And today (after leftover cheesecake breakfast) there was more cake waiting for me when I came to work, and I went out to lunch with some co-workers, and Posie Row had this really cool stamp that I bought… And tonight at Papa’s house I met up with my big strange squabbly lovely family, and Papa had baked a salmon, stuffed with parmesan and pine nuts, and Alex had made a pear-and-ginger cheesecake.

And tomorrow there will be more cheesecake for breakfast.

And after that I get to start planning what to plant in my plot at the community garden, and throw some more book cups, and read up on crater glazes and crawl glazes and lichen glazes.

And the whole year rolling out in front of me feels full of possibilities.

[1] Ferrous sulphate is magical stuff, y’all.

[2] Me thinks Fresh Fish would be a good venue to try them out.

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