I’ve got eczema. Have since high school. Over the years, I’ve figured out what triggers it, and generally manage to avoid it, but every now and then a little patch of it pops up all the same. Right now, I’ve got one on my hand. It’s small, but I know if I don’t treat it with extreme care, it’ll just get bigger. And clay is very, very drying.

Uh oh.

I’ve started throwing working with gloves, to see if that’ll help. I’ve only tried it twice, but so far, so okay. The gloves are a lot stickier than skin. And on top of that, the little bit of excess material gives a wider surface than a finger. So that’s another source of drag against the clay. Yesterday I trashed a third of my pieces due to the throwing differences… I have to use a LOT more water, and release the clay much more slowly and carefully. It’s also more difficult to judge thickness, so some of those bottoms are perilously thin, and some of the sides are more uneven than I’d like.

But today went better. Still not as easily as if I’d been throwing bare-handed, but better. If I keep improving over the next few days, I’ll stick with the gloves. If not… well, I’ll probably still have to stick with the gloves. Hrm.

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