The first leg of the trip to NCECA is done. Got to a friend’s place mid afternoon, after a trip that included one car, two planes, a sky train[1], a bus, and some walking in the beautiful warm sun.

Got a quick tour of Granville Island, including the BC craft council’s shockingly wee shop and gallery, and the BC potter’s guild, which was faaaaaabulous. The temptation to buy something was quite strong, but this was only the first day of the trip and I’m not even at the conference yet, so I resisted. Barely.

Then we went to a noodle house for supper. I discover that noodles can be classified on a menu as cutting, dragging, or pulling noodles, which delights me for reasons I can’t quite pin down. And there was a window into the kitchen, so you could watch the noodle maker at work, pulling them fresh by hand.

[1] Not what it sounds like at all. No blimp, no wings, not even a propeller. But the view of the mountains out the window was quite pretty. There are plans to do some hiking in them on Sunday.

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