Day Two of the trek to NCECA:
Started off with a veeeeery tired me, having had only five or six hours sleep after twenty-two hours of awake, being woken cheerful little birds. Stupid birds.

decided couldn’t sleep, got up. Puttered around a little. Travel Buddy woke up just as I was putting on shoes, so he came along on e Quest For Breakfast. We wound up going to somewhere whose name I can’t remember, but the food was cheap and plentiful.[1] I had an enormous and very messy cheesecake muffin thing.

After going back to base, Travel Buddy roused Tour Guide, and we had a great day of wandering around Vancouver. We got to visit a few craft fairs, a bunch of pokey artsy odd shops[2], and an outdoor gear type place whe Travel Buddy got himself some lovely hiking boots. Which were put to the test and declared excellent on Day Three.

We had tasty burritos for lunch, and very tasty Ethiopian food for supper. I’m particularly taken with that supper. One big plate of things to share, scooped up with bread. And lots of new spice combinations.

Day Three of the trek to NCECA was a break from art and craft world. We climbed a mountain. Tour Guide had arranged a day hike up the Chief about a month beforehand. She and us and two friends squished into friend’s sister’s car and drove out to Squamish in the morning. It was bright and gloriously sunny, and the first third or so of mountain was hell, and the second third was hard, although the last third was really fun[3], and we got to the top and it was wonderful. I have never hauled myself bodily that far up from sea level before. It was the shortest peak around, but still. I climbed a Rocky! It was high up! There was even a wee plane that flew by.

And today I am on a train, heading down to Seattle. We have passed mountains and water and an otter. Littel farms and big farms and some very rushed customs agents. Almost there!

[1] Not remembering the names of cheap and plentiful food providers will, unfortunately, be a fairly consistent thing with this trip. Oh well. It was delicious at the time, and that is what matters most.

[2] The was a beautiful wooden index card holder in one of the antique shops. I desperately want to have a small one for the teacup show. Or just, y’know, kicking around the house. I can think of so many ways it could be useful.

[3] The were sections we’re we had to use chains and ladders to get up. Wee!

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