Home again, home again!

This time last week I was surrounded by blooming cherry trees and magnolias. Now I’m home, and the snow is still hanging on, and the pack ice is a long white line dividing the cold grey sky from the cold grey sea, all the way to the ends of the world.

Ah well. Summer will come eventually.

The trip went fantastically. I didn’t have much time to write, once the conference got into full swing, but I loved every minute of it. New foods and new faces, and a few old ones. LOTS of gallery shows. Most of the week was taken up with gallery shows, or getting from one show to the next. I saw so very many amazing, inspiring things. I’ll try to go through my notes over the next few days and give you some names.

The last day of the trip, Sunday, was a completely delightful surprise. Air Canada e-mailed me to let me know my ticket had been changed. Instead of leaving Seattle in the morning, I would be flying out in the evening. At first I was annoyed, but then… Emerald City Comic Convention started setting up! In the same convention centre, even! Two days overlapped with NCECA, so I couldn’t go then, but I got my fix on Sunday. Costumes and comics and gamers, oh my. I got to sit in on panels with Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin, and saw all kinds of neat art, and bought a t-shirt of a turtle with a rocket strapped to its back, and ate a hot dog with sauerkraut on it[1]. And oh, the costumes. Everything from a very basic Katnis (regular clothes, bow, arrow) to a superbly detailed Hawkman with articulated, extendable wings.

So. Much. Fun.

[1] Not actually as exotic as it sounds. It was basically just unsweetened relish.

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